Folder8 v4 by ANmar.Systems

Convert any FTP folder into a cloud Using Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, Fancybox v3, and Clasic ASP

  • Folder8 is a free classic asp tool used initially for my own personal purposes, then decided to share it here to be used for free.
  • Folder8 is an FTP folder browser to convert any folder you have in your Windows FTP server into a cloud, visible by anyone you share the link with.

  • Modern website layout, built with Twitter Bootstrap, Font-Awesome font icons, Fileicon.css and FancyBox v3 to give the look and feel of modern websites in all devices, no DB needed, no Setup, just copy, paste and browse.
  • One copy of Folder8 to browse several folders, see how to do that here.
  • Highly customizable through calling parameters.
  • Does not show sub-directories.
  • Control if viewers may rename, delete files.
  • Control if users may edit ASCII files (txt, php, etc).
  • Descide if viewers can see sub-folders or not.
  • Allow viewers to upload files, or not
  • Show images only, or all files
  • Decide what file extension will be hidden (check options below)
  • Counter to count views and clicks on each of the shared files
  • Expected to release by Aug 2017
In both versions, you may not remove links to Folder8, feel free to modify the code, but if you do, you need to show credits of Folder8 as owner.
  • It uses classic ASP, means can only be used in Windows Server, other servers like Linux may use other tools written in php for example, I am sure there are a lot of them out there.
  • ASP.NET also needed to resize images inside the view, (you may ignore if you do not have images).
    This is the default setting in all new Windows Server IIS versions.
  • The full zip is 11 MB, but you may remove any icon set you dont need, or all
    Core files with bootstrap, Font-Awesome and other libs, without icon sets is 1.5 MB.
No need for any setup, just paste the content of the zip in any folder in your Windows FTP server, then browse to that folder from any web browser.
By default, Folder8 reads the content of the parent folder where 8 is placed.
Means when you put the folder 8 from the zipped folder in an FTP folder, named MyFolder, all files in MyFolder will be shared.

Please report any issue below, so we can keep enhancing it, or if you have some suggestions can also be posted below. Thanks!

Download the Free Folder8 zip file (8.3 mb) from below, you can also see screenshots

This box above used Folder8 in syntax ...

Using iframe, you may use Folder8 once to browse the content of a folder, or several times with different parameters to browse several folders or several views and formats, as in examples page

You have a lot of options to change, these parameters should be passed to the tool in the form of...

parameter = value
Where parameter is the name of the option, and value is the the value needed. Example:
This is the list of parameters accepted

Folder to browse, default is parent, example, if you put Folder "8" from zip in SampleFolder as in ....
So once you http-browse to folder 8, contents of SampleFolder will be shown. More examples.
View style, accepts [1,2,3 or 4], (1 = Details view, 2 = Small icons, 3 = Medium icons, 4 = large icons), default is 1
Show view commands to allow viewers to change, [0 or 1], (0 = hide, 1 = show), default is 1
Icon theme, filetypes icons displayed for known file types, accepted values, accepts [1 through 14] for 14 icon themes, default is 1 (Check examples to see icons available for each theme)
Show items in full-width mode, (bootstrap class "container-fluid") [0 or 1], (0 = classic, 1 = fluid), default is 0
Allows user to delete or rename files, accepts [0 or 1], (0 = don't allow, 1 = allow), default is 0 (Full version only)
Allows user to edit ASCII files or upload new files, accepts [0 or 1], (0 = don't allow, 1 = allow), default is 0 (Full version only)
Show header Area, accepts [0 or 1], (0 = hide, 1 = show) default is 1 (accepts 0 only if vc = 0)
Header area color, the panel header color using bootstrap contextual classes, accepts [default, info, primary, warning, danger], default is "default"
Show footer area, accepts [0,1], (0 = hide, 1 = show) default is 1
Show file names in all views except 1, accepts [0,1], (0 = hide, 1 = show) default is 1
Show or hide file count in header area, [0,1], (accepts 1 only when sh = 1), default = 0
Show images only, use to hide all file types that are not images, images are one of these extensions (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp), accepts [0,1], (0 = show all, 1 = show images only) default is 0 (Full version only)
Use "Thumb.aspx" to create thumbnails of images, [0,1], (0 = do not use, 1 = use), default is 1
Ignore extensionts, does not show files with extension of one of the list provided, expects list of extentions separated by beam | as in aspx|php|db|inf, default is blank (show all) (Full version only)
Count the number of clicks on each file, saved in clicks.txt file in same folder, expects [0,1], default = 0 (Full version only)

By default, Folder8 will display the content of the parent folder of the folder "8" after pasted in your Windows FTP server.
So, you can copy and paste the folder "8" into as many folders as you want to share the content of these folders.


You can have one copy and use it with parameter f as many times as you wish to tell it what folder to share (The path to that folder has to be given in a 'related-path' style)

Requests or Issues?

Please report any issue, feedback or comments in this github, so we can keep enhancing it.