Folder8 - share your folders v5.238

Using a simple 1-file tool (or 3 files for full options) you can share your FTP folder (in Windows server) with some customization.

Sample folder


  • No installations needed, just put the content of one of the versions in zip (Full or min) in any folder in your Windows FTP server, then browse to that folder from any web browser.
  • Folder8 will read the content of the same folder where it is placed (ignoring Folder8 files "Default.asp, and Thumbnail.aspx").
  • Then will use Bootstrap 5.3 to display those files in a modern fashion..
  • Includes thumbnail.aspx to resize images on-the-fly (and optionally saving image to same folder with name profix)


Free, just because we enjoy developing simple apps

Latest version v5.238, less than 1Kb

Download v5.238

Zip content

Multiple options ...

  • Full features: 3 files (~44kb) to be in the same folder
  • Smallest possible: 1 file (~31kb), minimum features


Sample folder content

Here is what a typical Folder8 folder should look like to work

Full features